Jyoti volunteers weekly for the Meridian Foundation, and recently also donated her time and services for the Foundation’s Gala video that is presented annually at the Meridian Gala. Specifically, Jyoti provided makeup services for all of the Meridian leadership, staff and patients that participated for the video. Below is the footage:


This is what the annual giving officer Stacy Buono had to say about Jyoti:

"Joy added the finishing touches to make sure all participants in the video, shown at the 2013 Annual Meridian Health Affiliated Foundations Gala fundraiser, looked their best on the big screen. Thanks you Joy for making all of our patients and team members look and feel their best.."


Jyoti always has sought to give back to the community and providing assistance to local charities has been a part of that effort. She initially teamed up with CMN to raise money for a local children’s hospital- but she and her team took it to the next level by providing hair and makeup services for the kids and parents at the hospital.


Last summer Jyoti participated in a breast cancer benefit event for Heather. Jyoti and her entire family all joined in raising money for the event which helped cancer victims directly with medical bills and other costs patients face in the fight against cancer. Jyoti also put her talent to use by making cancer victims and survivors look and feel better about themselves during a difficult time.

Here's what Heather had to say:

I really appreciate your donation of your time in support of my breast cancer benefit to make everyone look and feel wonderful!! I especially loved having my eyebrows threaded, I think you have a new client!!!

The things you are able to do with make up are amazing, and I know everyone was very pleased.

I'm so very grateful to have people like you in my life who care about such an important cause. Thanks again for supporting us with a donation it really means a lot!!

All the best to you and your family.

-Heather and Rick Morrill